Upgrade: MFA Thesis

Smruti—For the Good Memories

This thesis is a year-long exploration into designing the access to prosthetic technology, both by making them affordable as well as designing systems and services that enable easier access.

Prosthetics as a form of human augmentation, are one of the many tools that we, as humans, have developed and use to overcome or exceed our physical limitations, like glasses to overcome poor vision. Looking at prosthetics with perspective can enable the empowerment of people with limb differences/limb loss, that historically have been ostracized in society, but presently are treated as abnormal. Thus, a secondary focus of this thesis is the mainstreaming of human augmentation to increase the social acceptability of prosthetics.

My interest in this subject was inspired by the experiences of my friend Manasi, who lost her left leg above the knee in a road accident in 2011.

The above concept map was developed to understand and breakdown the different terminology that I came across during my research.

This stakeholder map was created to understand all the players in this industry - different kinds of prosthetic users, the organizations that provide prosthetic services, the people that enable these services and the media and culture that affects all of them.

Please explore some of the projects below addressing various problems I have come across in my research: