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Upgrade: MFA Thesis

MFA Thesis

This thesis is a year-long exploration into designing for people with limb loss and limb difference, aiming to better envision the access to prosthetic technology, both by making them affordable as well as imagining systems and services that enable easier access.


The historical mindset towards people with physical disabilities has been one of pity and exclusion. While the notion of pity and exclusion is looked down upon in liberal societies, an understanding of what constitutes the objectification of people with disabilities as well as a greater effort towards inclusion is still not wide-spread. This leads to the exclusion of people with limb loss and an extensive on-going conversation isn’t had around their rights, wants and needs. Through this thesis, I have aimed to create the conditions which lead to more open conversation about limb loss and limb differences, and their acceptance in society, to enable easier access to products and services that improve the quality of life for people with limb loss and limb difference.

My interest in this subject was inspired by the experiences of my friend Manasi, who lost her left leg above the knee in a road accident in 2011.

The video below shows the project being presented at SVA Theatre in Chelsea, New York in May 2018.

Please explore some of the projects below addressing various problems I have come across in my research. More projects coming soon.

This stakeholder map was created to understand all the players in this industry - different kinds of prosthetic users, the organizations that provide prosthetic services, the people that enable these services and the media and culture that affects all of them.

The book below is a complete documentation of the year's work. For best viewing, please enter full screen mode.