TRIAGE: An Interactive Experience

TRIAGE @ Wanted Design 2017

We live in uncertain times, faced with a political climate where institutions that offer solutions to complex challenges are under threat, systematically undermined, and dismantled. "Triage”—from the French trier, meaning “to sort”—first entered the English lexicon during World War I and was used to describe how field medics categorized and prioritized the wounded. Today, we re-employ the term to investigate how design can contextualize our current threats, and how decisions can be made by uncovering belief systems and prioritizing actions.

TRIAGE consists of six roving design interactions that assess the socio-political priorities of visitors to the design festival. At the start of the exhibition, visitors receive a TRIAGE CARD that tracks and gradually compiles their unique profile.

Project role: Along with Sowmya Iyer, I was in-charge of documenting the entire class's work throughout the 10 week process as well as take on the role of event photographer at Wanted Design. During the course of the exhibition at Wanted, we photographed the whole event and I was responsible for post-processing at the end of each day to update the department blog.

Please read more about this project on the blog.


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