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Totem Juicer


The project was to understand the usage of an existing product, identify problems with it and find solutions for them. The product chosen was a Kenwood JE550 centrifugal fruit juicer. This project was done as part of an International Exchange Program at Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Alice Casiraghi, Michela Cavaleri and Sebastian Beretta.

A traditional centrifugal juicer crushes the fruit and throws out the juice through a filter. A lot of pulp and nutrient is eliminated in this process. On the other hand, an auger juicer slowly pushes the fruit through a screw with the help of a pestle thereby squeezing the juice out while retaining essential fibres.

But they occupy a lot of space due to the horizontal construction. The concept here combines a traditional filter with a rotating screw inside pulling the fruit downwards, thus, removing the need for a pestle which significantly reduces the time of use and the number of parts.