Smruti—For the Good Memories

Smruti—For the Good Memories

With a desire to remind oneself of the good memories associated with close friends and family, the Smruti app and product pairing are designed to help reduce short-temperedness and aid in anger management.

It is often the case that when we get angry at someone, we tend to forget their good qualities and label them with simplistic negative qualities, which feeds the anger in the moment. The Smruti app is meant to capture and remind us of the good memories we have with close friends and family and the qualities we value the most in each person.

A fidget tool pairs with the app and reads the number of clicks registered, to determine the anger levels at different times of the day. The app is triggered above a certain threshold of clicks, and using data from your calendar, it determines the person causing you stress at the moment and offers up good memories associated with them to help calm you down. At other times, it also displays specific things that can make you happier, for example, a child’s laughter or a puppy playing with bubbles, whatever you determine works best to elevate your mood. The fidget tool is also meant to curb the impatience felt during everyday situations.

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The title of the podcast is a reference to the fact that dates have been prominent in Syria for centuries, being depicted in even ancient Babylonian Assyrian tablets, and the date palm tree is one of the holy trees in Syria. Since the beginning of the war, agricultural production has decreased due to soil exhaustion and lack of condensed fertilizers. Syria’s irrigated land has decreased by 47 percent. 


We initially started by using food served to refugees (bread and jam) disguised as regular food (spaghetti and steak) to generate empathy for refugees’ conditions. We hoped to conduct a food workshop where we would serve this disguised food, but soon realized that this would be something that would only have momentary impact on the participants and be limited to the small audience of the workshop.