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Signal Lost

Signal Lost

In response to a broad sense of global discord in 2016, SVA’s MFA Products of Design Class of 2018 presents Signal Lost: Broadcasting Hopes and Fears, a series of explorations around the hopes and fears that stem from current events and trends. These imagined correspondences contemplate the different perspectives, voices, and audiences involved in the conversations we are—or should—be having. The title, “Signal Lost,” is meant to evoke the missed connections that still plague our pervasively interconnected world. 

My fear emanated from the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential elections. 

My means of expression was a fictional postcard sent to the world by a 25-year old American woman from New York city, expressing her fears over the recent election of Donald Trump. She writes about the anxiety she has felt since Trump became the Republican Presidential candidate in July and the helplessness she feels now. The spread then shows a response from an Italian friend, giving her a glimmer of hope. It describes the situation in Italy for the past couple of decades under Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, drawing parallels between Trump and Berlusconi. The letter ends with a hope that despite all the struggles, Italy has survived the reign of Berlusconi and America will survive Trump too. 

The hand written postcard that is being sent out to the world.

The publication had an augmented reality aspect to it which enables a new layer to appear on the page. Using the Augment app (for Android and iOS), the reader can scan the page to reveal data about Trump's policies that would just be impossible to execute.

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I was also involved with designing the table of contents and in compiling the overall publication incorporating the work of all my peers.