Smruti—For the Good Memories

OPoitical is an app and website platform that aggregates and visualizes the economics of prosthetic use. This would involve aggregating past data points in the form of census-like surveys within the app and website as well as live input of data by prosthetic users, companies, clinics, Medicare and Social Security workers. 

Insurance companies don’t have sufficient data that proves the clinical benefits of advanced prosthetics. This causes them to not cover these products in their plans. My goal here is to make sure that insurance companies cover advanced prosthetics.

While there is power in individual stories to mobilize public support, policy makers rely heavily on data to make policy decisions. This service aggregates an individual’s data points and presents a collective view using visualizations and can represent various co-relations between different data points. The vision is to help drive policy makers to mandate insurance companies to provide continuous coverage for advanced prosthetics so that people who require these get access to them and can return to becoming productive members of the work-force.

OPolitical aims to make the invisible forces that shape our reality more visible.