Bionic Cafe

Smruti—For the Good Memories

Bionic Café is a cooperative café owned and run by prosthetics-users and people with limb impairments.


Bionic Café will provide a casual setting that encourages interaction between users and non-users of prosthetics, and through these interactions, prosthetic users can be seen as contributing members of society—people first, disability second.


To address the gap in employment for people with LL/D, the café will be started by a group of prosthetic users and later recruit new members through employment exchanges, outreach to prosthetic companies, and online support forums. Employees will also gain access to healthcare plans suitable for their needs. 


The cafe would also hold events and activities for customers, such as simulation events for abled-bodied people to experience prosthetic use and workshops to build and assemble 3D-printed arms for young kids without prostheses. The café could also tackle other initiatives, such as specific problem solving for individual prosthetic users. This would create an environment of give-and-take between users and non-users of prosthetics as well as exchanging of tips and tricks among prosthetic users.