Bionic Cafe

Smruti—For the Good Memories

Bionic is a co-op cafe where members and staff are people with limb loss and limb differences. 

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Bionic could be started by a group of prosthetic users and would later recruit new members through unemployment exchanges, outreach to prosthetic companies as well as online support forums. Initial funding to start the café could be raised through crowd-funding, small-business loans or venture capital. By providing employment to current and potential prosthetic users, they would also gain access to healthcare plans suitable for their  specific needs. 

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This alarming statistic lead me to envision this cafe to potentially generate employment for people with limb loss/limb difference. The cafe also serves as a platform to create engagement and empathy between the limb loss community and the society at large in a casual setting.

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Customers are encouraged to interact with the staff, and through these interactions, prosthetic users can be seen as people first, disability second.

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