Allon/Z: Convertible Apparel

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ALLON/Z (from the French allons-y—meaning "let’s go!") is a fashion line specifically designed for parkour practitioners. The convertible-wear allows athletes to transition seamlessly from their regular exercise routine to any social event. Along with Bernice Wong and Andrew Schlesinger, this project was inspired by parkour's philosophy of freedom, balance, and self- expression. We wanted to design apparel that integrates with every aspect of your life—whether that means work, sport, or play.

Click on image to visit the  website .

Click on image to visit the website.

The project began with identifying parkour as a youth subculture of interest. We explored a variety of product design ideas within parkour, but ultimately decided upon convertible apparel. This focus was driven by three research insights: First, we noticed a style dichotomy between "extremely baggy" and "stylish, slim-fit pants and joggers." Second, we encountered a negative sentiment towards the all-black streetwear style associated with parkour. Finally, after attending a parkour instructional class and meeting with the teacher Mike Araujo—one of the first parkour practitioners in New York City who instructs around both Manhattan and Brooklyn—our hypothesis was confirmed: “I want to be able to go from parkour to the bar,” Mike exclaimed.


We designed two pants: the TW/ST joggers and FL/P unisex wide-leg pants. The pull-on TW/ST joggers are cut with a slim-fit leg and elastic banding at the ankle. Styled with a zipper that spirals around the calf and ankle, wearers can unzip to relax—revealing the hidden highlight material. The exterior of the TW/ST is made with 100% cotton and features a navy colorway. The accent material was chosen to effect maximum contrast: neon orange cotton spandex. The pants also incorporate an elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring...for the perfect fit!

The FL/P unisex wide-leg pants can be converted into long, active shorts that cinch just below the knee. With a buttoning wrap-around detail in bright green, the FL/P pants balloon into a wide silhouette—inspired by the existing XXL sweat pant aesthetic that many traceurs and traceusesprefer. The pants incorporate both an elastic waistband and ribbon for a secure fit so that athletes can move with complete ease.

The biggest success for the project came in actually constructing the pants. From general pattern making, to material exploration, to the fine details of adjustable drawstrings, we were really able to dig into the intricacies of apparel construction. Our pants performed well during our photoshoots, which was turned out to be a pretty rigorous user test as we were in constant motion—similar to parkour!

vending machine slide.jpg

We imagined a vending machine as the physical manifestation of our retail strategy, located at gyms and publics spaces where parkour is normally performed. This was more directed as a initial brand launch, to get some traction, and the website would be the main channel for sales.

ALLON/Z is moving forward by identifying a small scale manufacturing firm to produce multiple sizes and samples in preparation for a potential Kickstarter campaign.