Alternate Cardiac Care Unit

Madhavbaug’s Alternate Cardiac Care Unit (A.C.C.U) revolutionizes the cardiac care industry through non-invasive therapy, combining the ancient science of Ayurveda with modern day diagnostics. This ancient treatment has been researched and practiced over 10 years with no side effects and has been proven to be as effective in treating heart blockages as the commonly prescribed angioplasty/angiography. This project was done as part of my role as an industrial designer at Future Factory LLP.

I was involved throughout the project, from conducting experiments to test various methods of the therapy, conceptualizing product architecture for maximum patient comfort, designing form, getting the prototype made from various vendors and the in-house workshop staff, making an animated video for the product launch, developing and engineering the product for batch manufacturing by Future Factory and also creating a business model for its manufacture and sale to Madhavbaug.